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The dating service amoureux.com is a European dating site with the majority of members from Belgium, the United Kingdom and France. The site is available in English, German and French. The site is absolutely free, but constant advertisements and invitations popping up can irritate active members. VIP option is offered for the members wishing to use the site amoureux.com without any advertisement. In order to get any information about amoureux.com, you must fill out a profile. The profile can be created even if you skip many things. The chat rooms have no monitoring, so adult topics can be discussed there.

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  1. Hi everyone, my name is Sandra, and here is my story. Since being a little girl I dreamed of visiting Paris, as being romantic and sensitive by nature I loved watching some romantic movies, and eventually in majority of them was mentioned the international capital of love. The more I was listening about it, the more I was trying to find some new information about it, and also when I was 14th I decided to start learning French language. So half a year ago, when I turned 20, my parents asked me what gift I would like to get, and I said that I want a trip to Paris. And I got it. So in order to improve my speaking skills a little, I joined amoureux.com, where I met Olivier, who seemed so charming and handsome to me, that I decided that I should meet him eventually as well (he lived in Paris). Olivier met me in the airport and brought to my hotel, where he waited for me to change my clothes so he could show me the city. Due to amoureux.com in Paris I spent two most wonderful weeks of my life. The best thing is that soon Olivier is visiting me in New York!

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